Great SoCal Rides: The Rock Store

I spend 90% of my riding time commuting up and down the 405 and 118 freeways, but it’s not all work and no play. With incredible year-round weather, amazing coastal scenery and huge network of roads here in SoCal, it’s good to get out on the occasional ride at weekends. Over several years of exploring and various hookups with other riders, I’ve got some pretty amazing rides in the memory bank and thought I’d detail some of them here for other riders. Enjoy!

First up is one of my favorite rides, starting at the Starbucks on Topanga Canyon Road in The Valley and riding (via The Rock Store) down to the Pacific Coast Highway. The views and scenery on this ride are simply breathtaking, and the sweeping, twisty roads give you some of the very best opportunities for some peg-down, open-throttle fun. I’ve plotted the route on Google Maps and embedded it below. You can have this route sent directly to your smartphone by clicking the “More Options” link (top left) which takes you to Google Maps. From there – simply click “Send directions to your phone” under the route steps in the left column.

The ride drops you onto PCH so whichever way you turn to get home, you’ve still got a lovely ride along some of the best coastal scenery in the world.

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