Great SoCal Rides: Newcombs Ranch

I don’t do this one very often as it’s a bit of a trek to get to the start point, and due to the
altitude it goes up to, this ride should really only be attempted in summer. If spring or fall, wrap up warm as it gets cold at the higher levels and this is pretty much unridable in winter due to ice and snow. That said – as rides go, this is one of the most epic rides any motorcyclist can do and should be on every rider’s bucket list. It’s pretty simple, start at the Shell gas station (which is the meeting place for all riders tackling this great road). Take Highway 2 (the Angeles Crest Highway) which takes an elevated, winding, sweeping course up through the Los Angeles National Forest National Park. Stop at the excellent Newcombs Ranch cabin restaurant for a bite to eat, then do the entire ride in reverse back down to the start point. Mega!!

A couple of notes on this ride – first, this route is really popular with weekend supersport riders so keep an eye on your mirrors for guys on sport bikes coming up behind you. Secondly, because it is popular with sport bike riders, there’s a higher police presence trying to catch speeding riders. So watch your speed ;-)

As always, I’ve plotted the route on Google Maps and embedded it above. You can have this route sent directly to your smartphone by clicking the “More Options” link (top left) which takes you to Google Maps. From there – simply click “Send directions to your phone” under the route steps in the left column. Enjoy!

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