Why bother with an advanced motorcycle course / advanced rider training?
Good question. You’ve got your driving license and have been driving cars for a while – what more could you need, right?


In real-word conditions, on busy public highways, your knowledge of car driving will actually do you more harm than good on two wheels. Our unparalleled training gives you new skills for street riding, including much higher confidence in your abilities and complete control of your machine.

What makes you different / unique?

  • We are the only rider training school in SoCal whose training is 1:1 (you + instructor) with courses conducted via radio on California public roads and freeways.
  • We also provide a full write up on all aspects of your course after completion (notes, tips, areas to practice etc).
  • Some other schools offer advanced classes, but these are always with large classes on private (parking lot) land.

Who can take an advanced course?
Our courses are available to any and all riders, of any age and experience level. Riders must have either a valid, current M1 endorsement or motorcycle permit and you must own a motorcycle (we do not supply bikes). Visit our Advanced Rider Courses page for more information.

Is advanced training all about going as fast as possible?
No. It’s about giving you a complete understanding of you, your machine and the roads you are riding on. When all these factors are right, the speed at which you are traveling will be the right one.

What system do you teach?
Our advanced motorcycle training courses are based on a combination of the UK Police pursuit method and our own training syllabus, garnered through years of real-road riding experience. These two factors make us best-in-class for advanced rider training.

How are the courses structured?
Our advanced rider courses are usually 1-on-1 (1 student and 1 instructor). Occasionally we allow 2-on-1 (2 students and 1 instructor). Having established your level of experience and any particular areas you want to focus on, the day begins with a 30-minute evaluation ride. There then follows a debrief, covering riding theory, skill development and areas of note that should be addressed or corrected. The rest of the day is spent out on the road covering areas such as counter-steering, advanced cornering, low speed control, road-craft and hazard perception / avoidance. Students wear an earpiece connected to their instructor’s radio so constant and immediate feedback is given throughout each and every ride. Each student receives a full written evaluation at the end their course containing all the notes from the day, feedback, suggestions to improve and areas to practice.

I see you offer 3 types of advanced course. Which one is right for me?
There is no right answer here, but typically we find newer riders are better suited to the half-day course. More experienced riders tend to be better off with the full-day or two-day courses. Find out more about our courses here.

Do I get a motorcycle license or endorsement at the end of your courses?
No. We are a privately owned-and-operated company set up specifically to provide advanced rider training to people who currently own a motorcycle and are already licensed. If you are looking to get a motorcycle license / endorsement, you will need to contact the DMV, take your theory test and then either take the DMV Riding Test or contact a State-certified MTC school to complete a 2-day California Motorcycle Training Course. More info can be found here.

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