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Death On Two Wheels – New Rider Training and State Licensing Requirements


We get calls here at SoCalProRider from new riders who have just completed the Motorcycle Safety Program at their local state-sponsored training facility. Whilst we’re thrilled these folks are looking for further training, the checklist is usually the same – they don’t own a motorcycle, they don’t have any gear and they don’t have a learners permit. They’ve taken the MSP course perfectly legally on their driving (car) license; motorcycles and gear were provided by the school. They spent two days riding round a parking lot, got their completion certificate (which waives the DMV riding test) and are fast-tracked straight to a full, unrestricted Class M1 motorcycle endorsement.

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Review – CMSP Motorcyclist Training Course (Part 2)

In the second part of his review on the California Motorcyclist Safety Program Motorcyclist Training Course (CMSP MTC), Jason touches on more areas of the course that failed to educate new riders on the basics of motorcycle handling and riding…

Students practice low-speed turns on a private course

Students practice low-speed turns on a private course during the Motorcyclist Training Course

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Review – CMSP Motorcyclist Training Course (Part 1)

cmsplogoThe official CHP-sponsored Motorcyclist Training Course left this SoCal Pro Rider instructor highly concerned at the basic riding techniques omitted and bad habits taught to a steady stream of new & inexperienced riders, placing whole classes of new riders at risk. In the first of a two part article, Jason tells us of his recent experience under the California Motorcyle Safety Program’s Motorcyclist Training Course (CMSP MTC)…

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