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2015 Kawasaki Versys 650LT – 25,000 mile review

Versys 650 LT

It had been a few years since I said goodbye and good riddance to my Harley NightRod, a purchase I readily admit was based solely on lust and looks. In many ways, I look back on my time spent with the Nightrod like I look back on a few months dating a gorgeous girl. The looks are great at first, but as time wears on, annoying personality traits start to shine through which start to take the edge off the looks and ultimately ruin your experience with her :-)

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Advanced Rider System (SOAP)

In this post, I share details of the system of riding I’ve developed that I apply every time I get on the bike. It has allowed me to ride efficiently and safely these past fifteen years and I hope sharing it here will do the same for you.

In my opening post on this site I mention I teach the UK police pursuit method, along with my own system I’ve developed over my years of riding. I call it SOAP (Speed, Observation, Anticipation, Positioning). It’s a system of riding developed over many years that is easy to learn and can be applied easily to any riding situation.

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