Welcome to SoCal Pro Rider!

We are Los Angeles’ premier motorcycle training and education center offering industry-leading advanced rider training to riders of all ages and abilities.

cropped-logo.jpgIf you want to learn advanced riding techniques that will take your riding up to exceptional levels, you are in the right place! Check out our FAQs for more info.

We are adding content to our website all the time – our hope is through our mixture of articles, online tutorials and blog posts, you will learn some things that will polish and improve your skills as a motorcyclist. For the ultimate in pro-riding skill development however, book one of our industry-leading advanced rider courses. Our goal is to take any rider, of any age and skill level and turn them into a Pro / Advanced Rider.

What is Pro (Advanced) Riding?
It is a deliberate, skillful and responsible riding technique admired by others. As an advanced rider, you are able to anticipate and control all situations to reduce your accident risk. An advanced rider is equipped with the expertise, knowledge and skills to ride safely and effectively in all conditions.

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**Please note – SoCal Pro Rider is a privately-operated advanced rider training school for
motorcyclists that are already licensed and have their own motorcycle. If you are just starting out and are looking to get your M1 license / motorcycle endorsement and the basic training that this endorsement requires, please visit the official California MSP site.